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Kevin Woolley

Currently living in the Northern Adirondacks of Upstate NY

Available for social gatherings, weddings, parties, birthdays, and reunions.

I play many types of music Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Country & Western, and Americana.

I also know a bunch of Irish Drinking Songs, Sailor Songs, and Shanties!


Grew up in the wilds of Albany Ny.

Transplanted to the great expanse of the Northern Adirondack Mountains where started playing guitar and singing on many a bar porch, and stool in the corner.  On St. Patrick's Day I would often crawl through town playing Clancy Brothers, and Dubliners tunes for a shot, and a beer.  Then one day I was recruited to join a band called "Moe Da Grass", and then soon after "The Pine Ridge Rounders".  Now I still jam with some of the ole boys, and met some new pickers but mostly I roam about playing music for everyone.  Cheers! 


Contact Info:

Kevin Woolley

(518) 637-2201

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